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Calypso Cupcakes!

28 Feb


Cherie Redd are consistently in mischief but we are domestic divas at heart. Personally, I love that nod of approval given when someone likes my food… mmm. That said, this is not a soup kitchen so I don’t cook for everyone at the drop of a hat so don’t start begging for free meals, This means you to dad.  Just teasing.  All for entertaining but I don’t have the time to do EVERY meal from scratch. Can I get an Amen?   As a solution I have adopted a practice I call “Razzle Dazzle” I am the self-proclaimed “Queen of  Razzle Dazzle.”  What is “Razzle Dazzle?”  It is adding something special or different to a traditional reciepe.  Examples of “Razzle Dazzle”  experiment with different cheeses in “Yo mama’s Mac n’ Cheese.”  Add Sun dried tomatoes to ANYTHING it adds a hint of posh to it trust me, its real french like. Do that and Ta-Da! You are Martha Stewart.

Last week my roomie Nikki B Decadent bought a new cupcake pan and it was FANCY! We’re talking individual removable silicone cups with cool handles and it was Kitchen Aid (ballin’!!!).  It is Trinidad’s Carnival and we want to celebrate locally, and what better way to celebrate than with cupcakes! I’ll drink to that and several other things. Shoo, I was geeked to take a test drive, so got the Betty Croc box and made it happen. As I am making these “regular ol’ cupcakes” I said you know what this needs? RAZZLE DAZZLE!

The Rolls-Royce of Bakeware!

Calypso Cupcake Recipe

-Buy a your favorite brand of cake mix in any fruit flavor I’m thinking Orange/Strawberry vs Pineapple/Lemon. Try it and let me know (I used Betty Crocker in Supreme Strawberry)

-Follow the directions on the box, simple right?

-INSTEAD of water use a combination of pineapple juice/coconut water to equal 1 cup and then stir in a 1/3 cup of tequila. *If you want to turn it up skip the juice altogether and use flavored rum*


-While baking, get an orange or lemon and create some zest (shredded orange peel) toss with brown sugar and more tequila.

– Cool cupcakes, frost (I used Buttercream), sprinkle the zest.


Makes approx 24 cupcakes, or 12-cupcakes AND one single layer cake (we only have one of those fancy pans lol). It tastes delightful warm with ice cream.

With Calypso Cupcakes, you have the freedom to make them suit your taste but most importantly its fun! You should want to buy a headdress, sparkle bra and shake your money-maker in the streets on labor day. Maybe that’s just us.

He loves our cupcakes...


Now go play a tambourine and get all domesticated!

~Cherie Redd


Motivational Mondays: Be Confused

28 Feb

Allow the moments of Confusion. Upset in your life is not a sign that something has gone wrong, only that something is hanging. Change usually brings confusion. But one day we “live into” clarity once again, at least for a while. Confusion then clarity, confusion then clarity, confusion then clarity – this seems to be the rhythm of growth.

~Susan Jeffers~

Women Making Their Own History!!!

26 Feb

You and Your….Own History

We know the stories of black history month. The names of women we learned of in school. Even some women we had to learn about on our own. For example Phylicia Rashad, Mahalia Jackson and Ruby Dee. Today the Gems of the Roaring20s blog honors the women from our own community. Today our honoree is Nikkia Mcclain who is a black woman making her own history and the face of.

Tené Nícole

Tené Nícole is a PR (Public Relations) and Marketing firm. Self started by the lovely lady above. I got to sit down with Mrs. Mcclain at an event during Fashion week to ask her a few questions.

“Shelz : So where are you from?

Mrs. McClain: I’m from queens. St. Albans to be exact.

Shelz: Ok, that’s cool. How old are you?

Mrs. McClain: I’m 32 with 4 children (hahaha)

Shelz: That’s young but you look great to have 4 children. You’ve accomplished so much. So it’s black history month. I would like to know which black woman has influenced you on your journey?

Mrs. McClain: My Grandmother. Lois Biggs. She has been my inspiration!!

Shelz: I’m pretty sure your grandmother is proud of you. I would be. I have two more questions and I’ll be out of your hair. What are some encouraging words you can give young women in this age?


Shelz: Enough said. Now, my last question. What’s one word that can describe you?

Mrs. McClain: Nurturing.

I can agree with Mrs. McClain. The way she has nurtured her career driven by determination and executed with skill. I’m sure her children will also make their own history very soon. I encourage all women but, I’m a black woman first. It’s time we give praise to the women without fame. Bring their names to light, to show the world how they have made their own  history. With so much success I had to get a picture with her.



I mentioned earlier that Tené Nícole is a Public relations and Marketing firm. Talking with Mrs.McClain she introduced me to one of the her signed designers at the Fashion week event.  Her name is Koren Fung and she is the designer of Fungwear. YES, she is another black woman making history!!!

All I can say is……FIERCE!!!

Her clothes made me want to go back stage and rob the models….I’m kidding. Since you guys couldn’t be there, I’m here to share. Check it out!!!





This is Koren Fung. The designer of Fungwear. I enjoyed her work a lot. With her being an emerging artist I couldn’t tell. There was nothing amateur about her. She was humble, polite and polished. I wish her nothing but success. She has Nikkia McClain/Tené Nícole on her side and with them I know she will be fine.I wrote this post with honor. I look forward to both ladies making it big. Good luck on your journey!!


And if you didn’t know…….These are BLACK women making their own HISTORY!!!


Love is YOU





And the Oscar Goes to Who? The Finale

25 Feb

Last on the list is Blue Valentine starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams. I was skeptical about seeing it at first because the last thing I saw Michelle Williams in was Dawson’s Creek, and I didn’t like her too much on the show. And since it was nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture, it has to be a little interesting right?

I can say that I was sadly in love (Get it? Because it’s Blue Valentine?) with the movie!!! For those who have never heard of the flick, it’s about a married couple, Dean and Cindy, who have been married for six years and have a daughter and the spark has completely fizzled from their marriage. They’re a working class couple who live in Pennsylvania. Cindy is a tired nurse. And Dean, his job isn’t confirmed if he has one, but he plays a mean ukelele. The marriage has turned into a chore. There is no reviving, no pulse — nada. Dean tries to get a lil’ sumptin, sumptin’ back, so he takes Cindy to a motel for a sexy rendezvous out, but she’s not really feeling it.

The movie has flashbacks as to how their relationship started and goes to where it is now, and I thought it was wonderfully done. The story line is pretty basic. A marriage in disarray? Yeah, we’ve seen that time and again. It was the performances of Gosling and Williams that made the movie so great. We really saw the strain of their marriage and how the past events of their lives affected things in the future. I can even say that by the end of the movie I got a little choked up (and that rarely happens!). If there’s one thing you do this, check this movie out! Then you’ll see why it truly deserved a nomination. A


— Cherie Redd

Beauty School: Individual lashes

25 Feb

Beauty School is a series of my favorite youtube beauty tutorials

I love the look of fake eyelashes but I never could get the application right. After tap dancing around the idea of doing individual lashes I finally took the plunge. This has got to be the easiest tutorial for applying individual lashes. I’ve tried this technique from ColouredBeautiful is my favorite and, in my opinion, works the best. My only suggestion would be to practice, practice, practice! Don’t wait until the last minute and think you’ll be putting these babies on perfectly on the first run. Lashes are fairly inexpensive – a pack of Ardell Duralash Naturals ran me $3.49 from my beauty supply and the Ardell LashTite adhesive in clear cost $3.29. Have fun!

Free 90s party! *Last minute mischief*

24 Feb

owwwww par-tay!!!


Unhitch that overall strap, lace up your Docs, tie that flannel around your waist, put on that matte brown lipstick, and set your VCR to record 90210. (The original, people!) Come dance to the 90’s pop, rock, hip hop, and R&B that you were too cool to admit you liked back then. Most importantly it is FREE!!!  Meet us at the…


(Front Lounge)
149 7th Street, Brooklyn NY 11215


Don’t forget to put the condom on the right eye.

Crazy Sexy Cooooooool

And the Oscar Goes to Who? Part 2

23 Feb

Last week Cherie Redd gave you reviews of two lesser known Oscar nominated films “The King Speech” (which is English go figure) and “The Kids Are All Right” (quite the opposite).  In case you missed it click here. This week our brother from another mother Dru, he is the last “D” in Cherie Redd wrote this poignant review of “Black Swan”…

What would you do to achieve perfection? Better yet who or what  are you willing to become? These are the questions that the Darren Aronofsky psychological-thriller, “Black Swan,” explores through a collection of masterful performances by a talented cast.
Natalie Portman stars as the innocent ballerina, Nina Sayers, whose pursuit of perfection embodies the “The White Swan” of “Swan Lake.” All is fine and well until the director of the production, played by Vincent Cassel, decides he needs a ballerina that can portray both the White Swan and antagonistic Black Swan. The task of portraying the Black Swan seems out of reach for Portman’s restricted perfectionist style until she meets a new student, the edgy and free-spirited Lily, a breakthrough performance by Mila Kunis.
As Nina experiences the world of Lily she starts to embrace a “dark” side of herself that relates to the Black Swan. Nina and Lily’s relationship climaxes in a risky intimacy scene. Nina quickly begins to lose herself in her creative exploration of the antagonistic character including the belief that she is actually turning into a black swan.

The character grows more delusional, which affects her eerie relationship with her mother, an accolade-worthy performance by Barbara Hershey, and increasing paranoia that Lily is trying to replace her. Nina’s creative self-destruction pushes her to a climatic performance that she doesn’t return from.
Also, Winona Ryder provides a noteworthy role as, Beth MacIntyre, the star White Swan that Portman replaces, which depicts a star’s fall from grace. A-

~Dru Bass