#TCAP: To Catch A Penis

1 Feb

You and Your…Respect

Last week was an interesting week in the world of twitter, for some reason in my timeline consisted of women discussing how “random” men have violated them by sending them pictures of their sorry excuse of a reproductive tool ummm err I mean Johnny rockets electronically.  So being the pervert I am (damn, I really wrote that? eek *checks to see if pervert is spelled correctly* YAY!) I really wanted to know what was the deal with “peen pics….”  I wondered, pondered and wondered some more why oh why do some men send unsolicited “schlong shots.” I wanted the truth!  So, I tapped into my inner Soledad O’Brien and hit the streets via BBM status update to get to the root of this and apparently this gave a sorry soul the go ahead to “convince” me that e-flashing was the idea that Thomas Edison missed out on…

INT- Roaring 20s Headquarters-Night

*Peen pic was sent*

Me: Hi, I’m Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC To Catch A Peen… WTF! Why did you send me your PEEN!

Peen Photographer: You wanted to see it.

Me: (weeps silently) Noooooo, why would you do this!? Foolish! I didn’t  want to see, I’ve rejected you in real life so I would I want to see a sims version of your ding a ling.

PP: Damn my bad I feel f*cked up.

Me: This feels like a Twix commercial… Need a moment?

PP: Umm so do you like Herman?

Me: *E-Cold Stare* No.

PP: Stop frontin’… I feel like you should send me something so we are even.

Me: *E-cold Stare* (Then evil face in my head) hmm you know what you’re right I’m sorry *sends file* (click here and come back!)

PP never writes back… ha ha #TeamIntegrity for the win!


Bottom line folks people treat you how you let them.  Unsolicited peen pics never end well, to make things “even” you may send pics (which will eventually be “leaked”) and like my granny would say “now yuh deh pon di INTA-net, youtube, facebook an di Twit-TA.”  By all means if you want to do something sexy “knock yaself out” #yesjada but respect yourself! You don’t want to be on “Twit-TA” on #TittyTuesday!

*Blogger note* ok ok I took slight creative license with the script I’m an artist sue me but my granny did say that, yes he did name it “Herman” and I did send the laugh track in real time Dolby digital baby!

~Cherie Redd


One Response to “#TCAP: To Catch A Penis”

  1. Angela February 1, 2011 at 12:11 PM #

    Unfortunately, this type of deviant behavior was projected to happen years ago with the advent of many technological advances (internet), etc.

    Your take/creativity in broadcasting this scourge in our society is greatly appreciated to the twenty-something and your older reading audience. The title itself is “right on”, extremely gripping! Keep up the good work.

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