Handmade: Sachet Valentines

9 Feb

Valentine’s Day is of course a celebration of romantic love but, what about our best friends and family that love us every day? I personally like to spread the love by making small simple gifts that are useful and unique.  Sachets are easy to make and keep your wardrobe or underwear drawer smelling amazing!  So give a gift of luxury to the lovely ladies and men in your life.

You will need…

Small-Medium Organza bags (check your local discount/craft store)

2 cups of Dried flower petals or Lavender/Rose Potpourri

Rose or Lavender essential oil

Zip-lock bag

Large bowl

There are two ways to make sachets, using dried flower petals with essential oil or readymade potpourri. Both ways are excellent so it’s a matter of preference.


Dried flower petal and essential oil

1)      Place dried flower petals to zip-lock bag

2)      Add 10 drops of preferred essential oil to the bag full of petals, close and shake

3)      Stuff each organza bag with the now scented flower petals

4)      Tie and store in zip-lock until it’s time to hand out to your friends



1)      Pour bag of potpourri in a large bowl

2)      Pick out all the extra content that are Not flowers or plants such as wood chips etc.

3)      Stuff the organza bags with the left over flower/plant contents

4)      Tie each organza bag and store in zip-lock until V-day


Enjoy! and don’t forget to make one for yourself! :”)

-Elyse Lauryne


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