Haiti…..One year Later!!

10 Feb

Last week Channie touched on giving back. Reading her post I couldn’t help but to briefly speak about this subject. January 12th, 2011  made the one year anniversary of a tragedy we’ll never forget. Whether you’re of Haitian descent or you have a friend who is, I’m pretty sure we all can say it affected us the same way. It’s common for us to pay attention to nothing until it personally interrupts our lives. That’s when we choose to react.

Immediately after the earthquake hit we went into full force. We helped friends, co-workers and even strangers locate their loved ones which was a success even with the bad news. With that much teamwork you would think the re-construction of Haiti would take no time. Of course it didn’t turn out that way; it seems a lot of the world has turned it’s back on Haiti. Records show that the United States sent a cool billion for relief aid and $120 million to clear Haiti’s debt. (Wait, what happened to the Katrina victims?) They also claim some of our allies have been stingy with help also. China and Russia donated $14 million all together. But, hey, it’s all a lot of money to me. Regardless they’ve done a lot since so many people haven’t done anything at all.

At times we want to give back but, we just don’t know how. Below are some sites where you can check out who’s helping Haiti. This is where we turn this negative into a positive. I’m proud of the unity. I’m proud of America, Lord knows our reputation isn’t the best for helping others out. Check them out!



http://www.clintonbushhaitifund.org (Let’s Keep an eye on bush)


I have donated to the organizations myself, so I vouch for them. More importantly, I wrote this post so WE , as a people, won’t forget Haiti. My heart is happy to see how much progress has been made but they need help now, and they’ll need help tomorrow. This is your time to give back…

Before I sign off, shout out to Wyclef Jean. He’s the man for more reasons than one.




2 Responses to “Haiti…..One year Later!!”

  1. samiah90 February 11, 2011 at 12:19 PM #

    Thanks for providing those links, sometimes I’m not sure how else to help. So far I’ve donated and purchased a (legit)shirt where the funds will go out to them.

  2. NickNice February 12, 2011 at 12:50 AM #

    Thanx for the reminder.. Sometimes we get so rapped up in ourselves we forget that there are more important issues in this world. I was watching the world news 3 nights ago and they were showing Haiti.. A YEAR LATER AND PEOPLE ARE STILL LIVING IN TENTS ON THE STREETS…Clearly they need help!!!! Shelz, Your knowledge is power, keep your voice alive!!!!

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