11 Feb

You and Your…Love

Yes, you heard it here first I AM IN LOVE! Now before you go checking my Facebook relationship status, there is no “him” but there is a me, A.v. As I’m in love with, umm, A.v.! I was raised to be confident but there is a difference between loving you and being “IN LOVE” with you.

*cue dramatic talk show music*

One day, I asked myself seriously.  Am I IN LOVE with me? My bravado, Clair Devereux (fancy, I know) was appalled that I entertained that thought and  answered before I had a chance to process the question, “Oooof course you love you, girl! You trippin’!” and left it at that.  That answer wasn’t good enough, so I played Devil’s advocate, if you were so in love  why do you put so much pressure on yourself? Why can’t you accept your flaws? Better yet fix the ones that you can change, like taking care of yourself.

I was the yellow one...literally

Flashback to 2008 I was fresh out of college full of zeal and optimism. This all quickly faded because I had the same job I had all throughout undergrad, a security guard, agghh. Yes, flashlight cop without the flashlight. I sulked for weeks. How can I “the dream child” graduate and not have a sparkling job offer from [insert leading international media conglomerate here.] I don’t know which was worst not actually having the job or people asking me did I find the job. I felt horrible I wanted to hide in my room all day. My post-collegiate plan failed.  It was more than I just chose the wrong major this was my entire life I never wanted any other career path.  Imagine all your childhood aspirations dissipate before your eyes; it sucks, bro, it really sucks.

I needed a distraction quickly (drug addiction then rehab would be costly), so I joined the gym.   I was so excited! I went to the gym any day that ended with “Y.”  The weight melted off like butter.  Everyone knew me I even went club hopping with the trainers (not recommended).  Within four months I was down 30lbs!  My faith had been restored, and I had the baggy clothes to prove it.  My distraction ironically created focus.  My focus was no longer solely on the dream job but complete balance.  Our careers are not more important than our health.  Our health is not more important our spiritual well-being.  When I took an assessment of life in its totality that is when I fell in love with me, flaws and all.  When you are in love with you it shows, your energy is different and you will treat others well.

If you need help here is a “how-To” fall in love with you:  Strive to create balance in all areas; actively spend “one-on-one” time with you, say the serenity prayer it helps. Most importantly, take care of yourselves… and each other.

~Cherie Redd


3 Responses to “I AM IN LOVE!!!”

  1. Quinnale February 11, 2011 at 8:50 AM #

    This is a great piece of work sis. There are a lot of ladies who need to read this and learn to truly be in love with themselves. I think I will post this for a lil Valentines day inspiration.

  2. Venisha February 11, 2011 at 3:27 PM #

    Im loving this piece. I am sharing this with all the women in the office(by the water cooler…lol). Can’t wait to read more…

  3. Lorna Williams February 12, 2011 at 10:23 PM #

    I LOVE YOU TOO 😀 :] ;-]

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