And the Oscar Goes to Who? I Never Heard of That!

18 Feb

It’s awards season, and this is the time of year when everyone becomes a film critic. Being lovers of all things media, we, Cherie Redd, woke up bright and early to watch the nominees release announcements. To my joy, and Cherie’s dismay, Mo’nique was announcing (“Yaaaaas bae-bay! Hug yaselves!”). Although Cherie Redd is split when it comes to Team Momo our thoughts remain the same, “PLEASE DON’T MESS THIS UP!” Mo doesn’t disappoint but the nominations do.

Most of movies nominated we (as in Cherie Redd) never even heard of or paid attention to. What the hell is The King’s Speech? We hope its English. Blue Valentine sounds like that uber-emo person you follow on Twitter but don’t have the heart to unfollow. You know the person —  @I_hate_life_butLOVEconquersAllPleaseDontLeaveMe : (sigh) (sitting in the bathtub with my boombox on the ledge) “I would do any thing for love but I won’t do that…”Aggh *electric shock*. Thank God for the mute button…

Instead of living in ignorance, we will see every movie nominated for best picture and review only the ones we like (lol). First up – The King’s Speech.

The film that has the most Oscar nominations (12) this year but no one (that we know) heard of it.  Initially, I was skeptical to watch it because most period piece films bore us. The King’s Speech is interesting because the whole film builds up to the end where he delivers, you guessed it, a speech. Out the gate, I was drawn in because of the music, the cinematography, and pacing. The joy of the film is in his journey. The “atmosphere” folks are frantic tending to all  minute details as Prince Albert, The Duke of York (Colin Firth) prepares to give the Christmas address in lieu of his deathbed daddy.  By the time he gets to the mic you are completely invested.  The infamous red “on air” light turns on and he… CHOKES! Aggh who chokes on Christmas day? His stutter alone should win best actor.  The gut wrenching feeling was the equivalent of watching the star cheerleader fall off the top of the pyramid, during halftime… eek!

Throughout  the film you see his ups and downs with Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush), an Australian speech therapist  and his royal court as they work desperately to overcome his impediment for the sake of his country.  When Germany declares war against England you realize how serious this matter has become.  This is a film for people who enjoy performances over action and you have to sit down and commit yourself to watching (no texting).  B+

*Av’s prediction* It will either sweep at the oscars or pull a move like “The Color Purple” and win none.

The Kids are All Right – Ok, ok, I get it. The Academy loves neurotic people with all of their flaws. It’s their favorite. In The Kids are All Right is no exception. Initially, the film is about two lesbians, Nic and Jules (played by Annette Bening and Julianne Moore) who have two teenage children, Joni and Laser, whom they conceived by a sperm donor. Once Joni turns 18, she decides she wants to reach out to her biological father, and she does. She and Laser go to meet up with him (Paul played by Mark Ruffalo) reluctantly (I mean geez, he did come out of tube and this is the first time they’re ever meeting him), but he turns out to be SUPER COOL. He rides a motorcycle. He has a head of luscious locks. He owns his own restaurant. And most of all, he’s laid back, unlike their mom Nic. She’s so wound up over everything, and you know what, the kiddies are tired of it.

Everyone meets, Nic and Jules included, and Nic wants to hate Paul. Now Jules, she’s the housewife, but always longed to be a wife outside of the home. So she comes up with all of these business ideas, none of which seem to pan out, but she comes up with a landscaping business. She even bought a truck, so it’s official to her. Paul hires her to landscape his backyard, and without giving it away, he turns their lives upside down from there.

I thought it was a good movie. Oscar worthy? Not so much, but throughout the film we see how pushy Nic is (she’s a doctor and needs to be in control all of the time). Annette Bening did a good job at playing her, and we see her character unravel by the end of the film, but to me, if I can picture someone else playing the role, then it might not be Oscar worthy. #JustSayin. Kids gets a B-.


2 Responses to “And the Oscar Goes to Who? I Never Heard of That!”

  1. Sasha February 18, 2011 at 11:12 PM #

    I agree the kids are alright was a good movie but oscar worthy ehhhh no.


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