And the Oscar Goes to Who? Part 2

23 Feb

Last week Cherie Redd gave you reviews of two lesser known Oscar nominated films “The King Speech” (which is English go figure) and “The Kids Are All Right” (quite the opposite).  In case you missed it click here. This week our brother from another mother Dru, he is the last “D” in Cherie Redd wrote this poignant review of “Black Swan”…

What would you do to achieve perfection? Better yet who or what  are you willing to become? These are the questions that the Darren Aronofsky psychological-thriller, “Black Swan,” explores through a collection of masterful performances by a talented cast.
Natalie Portman stars as the innocent ballerina, Nina Sayers, whose pursuit of perfection embodies the “The White Swan” of “Swan Lake.” All is fine and well until the director of the production, played by Vincent Cassel, decides he needs a ballerina that can portray both the White Swan and antagonistic Black Swan. The task of portraying the Black Swan seems out of reach for Portman’s restricted perfectionist style until she meets a new student, the edgy and free-spirited Lily, a breakthrough performance by Mila Kunis.
As Nina experiences the world of Lily she starts to embrace a “dark” side of herself that relates to the Black Swan. Nina and Lily’s relationship climaxes in a risky intimacy scene. Nina quickly begins to lose herself in her creative exploration of the antagonistic character including the belief that she is actually turning into a black swan.

The character grows more delusional, which affects her eerie relationship with her mother, an accolade-worthy performance by Barbara Hershey, and increasing paranoia that Lily is trying to replace her. Nina’s creative self-destruction pushes her to a climatic performance that she doesn’t return from.
Also, Winona Ryder provides a noteworthy role as, Beth MacIntyre, the star White Swan that Portman replaces, which depicts a star’s fall from grace. A-

~Dru Bass


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