And the Oscar Goes to Who? The Finale

25 Feb

Last on the list is Blue Valentine starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams. I was skeptical about seeing it at first because the last thing I saw Michelle Williams in was Dawson’s Creek, and I didn’t like her too much on the show. And since it was nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture, it has to be a little interesting right?

I can say that I was sadly in love (Get it? Because it’s Blue Valentine?) with the movie!!! For those who have never heard of the flick, it’s about a married couple, Dean and Cindy, who have been married for six years and have a daughter and the spark has completely fizzled from their marriage. They’re a working class couple who live in Pennsylvania. Cindy is a tired nurse. And Dean, his job isn’t confirmed if he has one, but he plays a mean ukelele. The marriage has turned into a chore. There is no reviving, no pulse — nada. Dean tries to get a lil’ sumptin, sumptin’ back, so he takes Cindy to a motel for a sexy rendezvous out, but she’s not really feeling it.

The movie has flashbacks as to how their relationship started and goes to where it is now, and I thought it was wonderfully done. The story line is pretty basic. A marriage in disarray? Yeah, we’ve seen that time and again. It was the performances of Gosling and Williams that made the movie so great. We really saw the strain of their marriage and how the past events of their lives affected things in the future. I can even say that by the end of the movie I got a little choked up (and that rarely happens!). If there’s one thing you do this, check this movie out! Then you’ll see why it truly deserved a nomination. A


— Cherie Redd


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