Women Making Their Own History!!!

26 Feb

You and Your….Own History

We know the stories of black history month. The names of women we learned of in school. Even some women we had to learn about on our own. For example Phylicia Rashad, Mahalia Jackson and Ruby Dee. Today the Gems of the Roaring20s blog honors the women from our own community. Today our honoree is Nikkia Mcclain who is a black woman making her own history and the face of.

Tené Nícole

Tené Nícole is a PR (Public Relations) and Marketing firm. Self started by the lovely lady above. I got to sit down with Mrs. Mcclain at an event during Fashion week to ask her a few questions.

“Shelz : So where are you from?

Mrs. McClain: I’m from queens. St. Albans to be exact.

Shelz: Ok, that’s cool. How old are you?

Mrs. McClain: I’m 32 with 4 children (hahaha)

Shelz: That’s young but you look great to have 4 children. You’ve accomplished so much. So it’s black history month. I would like to know which black woman has influenced you on your journey?

Mrs. McClain: My Grandmother. Lois Biggs. She has been my inspiration!!

Shelz: I’m pretty sure your grandmother is proud of you. I would be. I have two more questions and I’ll be out of your hair. What are some encouraging words you can give young women in this age?


Shelz: Enough said. Now, my last question. What’s one word that can describe you?

Mrs. McClain: Nurturing.

I can agree with Mrs. McClain. The way she has nurtured her career driven by determination and executed with skill. I’m sure her children will also make their own history very soon. I encourage all women but, I’m a black woman first. It’s time we give praise to the women without fame. Bring their names to light, to show the world how they have made their own  history. With so much success I had to get a picture with her.



I mentioned earlier that Tené Nícole is a Public relations and Marketing firm. Talking with Mrs.McClain she introduced me to one of the her signed designers at the Fashion week event.  Her name is Koren Fung and she is the designer of Fungwear. YES, she is another black woman making history!!!

All I can say is……FIERCE!!!

Her clothes made me want to go back stage and rob the models….I’m kidding. Since you guys couldn’t be there, I’m here to share. Check it out!!!





This is Koren Fung. The designer of Fungwear. I enjoyed her work a lot. With her being an emerging artist I couldn’t tell. There was nothing amateur about her. She was humble, polite and polished. I wish her nothing but success. She has Nikkia McClain/Tené Nícole on her side and with them I know she will be fine.I wrote this post with honor. I look forward to both ladies making it big. Good luck on your journey!!


And if you didn’t know…….These are BLACK women making their own HISTORY!!!


Love is YOU






2 Responses to “Women Making Their Own History!!!”

  1. Candice February 26, 2011 at 6:45 PM #

    Sisters are doing it for themselves!!! I love it!!

  2. Nicknice February 28, 2011 at 12:26 AM #

    This is beautiful!!! I too was a witness of what Mrs. McClain and her Client (Fungwear) had to offer that night at NYFC. It was AMAZING!!! I must say your a very young,beautiful,and aspiring black woman who too is making her own history!!!

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