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Thank You!

6 Apr

After 2 months and close to 5000 hits on the blog all I can say is THANK YOU. The ladies of the Roaring 20’s (Elyse, Channie, Shelz, Cherie Redd and myself) are truly grateful to each and every one of our loyal readers. While we havent been posting as frequently it’s not because we’ve neglected you guys. I guess all that positive energy we started off with has been catching up to us as we are all deep into our own personal projects. AV (Redd of Cherie Redd) just started a new feature film, Elyse has been working hard on her burgeoning accessories line and will be vending at FIT tomorrow afternoon and I am working feverishly to put on my fashion show at the end of this month. Cherie, Channie and I are working on a new post and Cherie and Shelz are super excited about the new Ustream show they’ll be doing in the coming months. It’s all about progression here at Roaring 20’s so please let us know some of the things you want to see from us, stay positive and keep on keeping on!

Love & Light

-Nikki B. Decadent