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Calypso Cupcakes!

28 Feb


Cherie Redd are consistently in mischief but we are domestic divas at heart. Personally, I love that nod of approval given when someone likes my food… mmm. That said, this is not a soup kitchen so I don’t cook for everyone at the drop of a hat so don’t start begging for free meals, This means you to dad.  Just teasing.  All for entertaining but I don’t have the time to do EVERY meal from scratch. Can I get an Amen?   As a solution I have adopted a practice I call “Razzle Dazzle” I am the self-proclaimed “Queen of  Razzle Dazzle.”  What is “Razzle Dazzle?”  It is adding something special or different to a traditional reciepe.  Examples of “Razzle Dazzle”  experiment with different cheeses in “Yo mama’s Mac n’ Cheese.”  Add Sun dried tomatoes to ANYTHING it adds a hint of posh to it trust me, its real french like. Do that and Ta-Da! You are Martha Stewart.

Last week my roomie Nikki B Decadent bought a new cupcake pan and it was FANCY! We’re talking individual removable silicone cups with cool handles and it was Kitchen Aid (ballin’!!!).  It is Trinidad’s Carnival and we want to celebrate locally, and what better way to celebrate than with cupcakes! I’ll drink to that and several other things. Shoo, I was geeked to take a test drive, so got the Betty Croc box and made it happen. As I am making these “regular ol’ cupcakes” I said you know what this needs? RAZZLE DAZZLE!

The Rolls-Royce of Bakeware!

Calypso Cupcake Recipe

-Buy a your favorite brand of cake mix in any fruit flavor I’m thinking Orange/Strawberry vs Pineapple/Lemon. Try it and let me know (I used Betty Crocker in Supreme Strawberry)

-Follow the directions on the box, simple right?

-INSTEAD of water use a combination of pineapple juice/coconut water to equal 1 cup and then stir in a 1/3 cup of tequila. *If you want to turn it up skip the juice altogether and use flavored rum*


-While baking, get an orange or lemon and create some zest (shredded orange peel) toss with brown sugar and more tequila.

– Cool cupcakes, frost (I used Buttercream), sprinkle the zest.


Makes approx 24 cupcakes, or 12-cupcakes AND one single layer cake (we only have one of those fancy pans lol). It tastes delightful warm with ice cream.

With Calypso Cupcakes, you have the freedom to make them suit your taste but most importantly its fun! You should want to buy a headdress, sparkle bra and shake your money-maker in the streets on labor day. Maybe that’s just us.

He loves our cupcakes...


Now go play a tambourine and get all domesticated!

~Cherie Redd


Handmade: Sachet Valentines

9 Feb

Valentine’s Day is of course a celebration of romantic love but, what about our best friends and family that love us every day? I personally like to spread the love by making small simple gifts that are useful and unique.  Sachets are easy to make and keep your wardrobe or underwear drawer smelling amazing!  So give a gift of luxury to the lovely ladies and men in your life.

You will need…

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Wine Snob: Step Your Grape Up!

2 Feb

Due to my distaste in generic substandard wine I’ve been dubbed a “Wine Snob”! Gasp!

I love it because it’s true! :”) I admit it! I am a snob when it comes to my wine.

Buying white zinfandel from the supermarket is dead, step your grape up!

There are two kinds of cheap wine, cheap in price & cheap in quality. No one should have to submit to the latter…

Throughout this post series I will recommend gratifying and inexpensive wine for the beginner’s palette.

Yay! Let’s begin! :”)

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but Moscato d’Asti is gaining major popularity. Thanks to Drake and Waka Flocka, everybody and their momma swear they’re doing it with a Sutter Home bottle…

Me being the Wine snob I am, I have to be the  “one-upper” so my answer to Moscato d’Asti  is… Riesling!

Sweet like Moscato, most won’t even taste the difference except that it’s not sparkly and the best part?

It won’t give you gas! :”D


Polka Dot German Riesling

One of my all time favorites, this Riesling has fruity notes like apple and apricot with a hint of honey, but enough acidity to balance it out quite nicely.

-Elyse Lauryne