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Book Review: Demetria Lucas “A Belle In Brooklyn”

24 Aug

When I think of relationship experts, an older man or women always comes to mind. Some Doctor, with a degree in psychology, giving a seperated couple advice on how to start over and mend their falling apart marriage. I always think to myself, how does this Doctor have all the answers? I invision them taking one man and one women captive, putting them in a lab and performing random studies on them for about 3 months. ( These guinea pigs are getting paid for their time, probably an ad they responded to in the local newspaper.) Studies include: a man approaching a woman, their interaction with one another, sex and how long before the man begins to masturbate. Doctors will probably throw another woman in the mix at the half way point just to spice things up a bit. Of course this is just my mind running wild, but you get my point, right? What actually makes these doctors such experts?

I recently finished reading Demetria Lucas’ book, “A Belle In Brooklyn” and I must say, this book was everything! Belle, (a nickname given to her by her then New York native coworkers, who claim any other city outside of New York City to be country), is no doctor. She doesn’t even claim to have all the answers. What she does is take readers through her dating life: the trials and tribulations of male and female relationships, friendships, and/or situations, one dinner date at a time. “A Belle In Brooklyn” is a refreshing read; so different from the normal boy-meets-girl relationship advice that is just all wrong. When to call? What to say? How long to wait? blah, blah, blah. Belle takes a different approach. She’s not some sly, smooth-talking sales lady looking to get your hopes high. She isn’t trying to sell you a toad who she promises will transform into your prince charming, if and only if you follow her simple advice. No. Belle is an everyday girl living and learning. An adventurousome women enjoying her single life. No set goal on finding a husband or even a boyfriend for that matter. Just basking in the dating atomosphere –  all while taking notes.

Belle’s advice is honorable and sincere. She touches on many subjects and indulges in questions most women may have always inquired but were never brave enough to pursue an answer. Topics that range from men faking orgasms, taking viagra, and personal preferences when it comes to a woman’s physical appearance. The responses aren’t typical or cliché. In fact most are pause-worth but not the, ‘that statement didn’t come out right’ pause, more on the lines of ‘hmmm, very interesting’ kind of pause. Readers are sure to find one chapter, one moment that they can totally relate to. I found many. Although I would love to quote the entire book, I cant.  A chapter that stood out to me was “A Work In Progress” where Belle list 30 lessons she describes as simple and obvious but very hard to get. Here are the five I favored:

You don’t always get closure. Make peace with it anyway.

It’s ok to be alone. You’ll be fine without him. Pinky swear it.

Know that if he is the one, he will be the one.

Men don’t read minds. If you want something, ask for it.

Learn to compromise, but don’t compromise yourself.

It’s probably impossible for anyone not to gather some sort of take-away from this novel. Not only have I learned how to live my best single life, I’ve learned the importance of surrounding myself with successful role models. Whether you’re male or female, single, married, or divorced if you enjoy reading, read this!