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Will Beyonce Remain a One-Trick Diva Forever?

30 Jun

The leak of Beyonce’s new album 4 hit the Internet a couple weeks ago, and it was just officially released this past Tuesday, and it was all anyone could talk about. I got my copy, but to be honest I wasn’t too enthused about it.

The first single from the album, “Run the World (Girls)” didn’t blow me away. It was an unsuccessful mish mosh of incoherent noise, and her lyrics were less than sub-par.

Of course, since her album is about to drop she’s already on a slew of magazine covers. Essence is no exception. Bey actually wrote the article herself. I bought the mag, hoping it wouldn’t be another typical Beyonce article. I wanted her to really show who she is. I wanted to shake from my mind that she’s boring with a flat personality outside of her Sasha Fierceness.

Well, the article didn’t change my mind. And I might have dozed off for a minute too. It wasn’t that the article was a snoozefest, but if you are a true Beyonce stan, everything that was in there you would have already known, such as:

1. Beyonce is from Houston.
2. She grew up eating fried food.
3. Her mom worked in a salon.
4. She loves to vacation where there’s water. (I mean, we always see her pictured on a yacht or on the beach!)

You get the picture. She went on to explain what she did during her well deserved time off. But still, the read wasn’t anything amazing.

One thing she did say jumped out at me, though. “I was going to give myself a year to do the things I never get to do. Simple things like… cook a meal and spend time with my husband.” I thought it was really sweet.

Which brings me back to her album. Her ballads on 4 are the absolute best. “1+1” and “I Miss You” I could listen to over and over again. “I thought things like this would get better with time / But I still need you, why is that? / You’re the only image in my mind / So I still see you… around.” I can completely relate to the lyrics. Whether or not Bey wrote them is besides the point. I feel that when you go through something that might have taken you on an emotional roller coaster, the easier it is to relate to the artist.

Her fast-paced songs sound like they should have been on the Destiny’s Child Survivor album. There hasn’t been any real growth. She was never really one for substance, but the uptempo songs on 4 are truly lacking. “Love on Top” sounds like it could be an American Idol finale song if they did them uptempo. All fluff, no substance.

She should have taken a tip from her husband. He continues to evolve while remaining relevant after 11 albums, which is rare to do nowadays. Some artists can’t stay afloat after their fourth single let alone fourth album.

Which leads me to this question, can Beyonce evolve? Can the Queen put aside the dance routines, ladies’ anthems, predictable lyrics and produce a record that shows growth and still hold the number one spot?

–Cherie Redd

(This post was originally published on Armoire Chic. )